Pensioner Assist Equity Release
... Because life begins at 60

Leave your job behind,
not your lifestyle

Welcome to Pensioner Assist
Leave your job behind, not your lifestyle

Because life begins at 60, Pensioner Assist Equity Release is here to help you enjoy your retirement.
Designed specifically for over 60’s whether retired or not, so that you can maintain or enhance your lifestyle. You’ve worked hard your whole life, now you deserve to relax and enjoy it! You shouldn’t have to worry about your finances in retirement.


By accessing the equity in your home with a repayment free mortgage.
Around 10,000 Australian Pensioners utilised an equity release product in 2005 to provide additional funds for retirement.


There are many reasons you may require an equity release product depending on your needs or circumstance. Some of the reasons may be to; supplement your income to assist in living costs, cover medical expenses, to assist your family financially, take a well deserved holiday, make improvements to your home, replace your car, consolidate your debts or even pay your golf membership, all with a repayment free mortgage - the choice is yours.

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